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InfoRetail is a part of the InfoMagic range of desktop software. its one of the finest  Retail and Accounting software available today, is the standard in desktop accounting.
InfoRetail offers integrated point of sale billing & collection, financial accounting, inventory management, promotional schemes, and great reports all in an extremely easy to use environment.

Salient features

  • InfoRetail works on a single computer, or on a network, On windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000).
  • Time tested, ready to use, product in the market for over five years running at ninety odd retail stores in Delhi, Mumbai, and many other cities.
  • Windows based using relational database.No headache of defining Item Code Schema, the software automatically does it.
  • Bar Coding from within the software and is based on a Lot/Batch, Unique Coding Concept.
  • Inventory Management of pieces as well as fabrics.
  • Online Billing and printing of Dot Matrix as well Laser/Inkjet. Modes available cash, cash refund, credit , credit note, credit card and approval.
  • Sales /Bargain Counter Setup where-in all/some items are set at certain discount within minutes and these discounts are then picked up by software at the point of sale.
  • Supplier management through purchase, debit not and payment.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to send birthday, anniversary ,wishes and other mailers.
  • Daily cash counter cash tallying.
  • Automated physical stock reconciliation.
  • Integrated financial accounting with full zooming facility and bill-by-bill tracking.
  • Hundreds of dynamic reports on a click of mouse.
  • Internal Security i.e. restricted access to different user only Super user has access  to this module.
  • Petty Cash Management.
  • Management ,control and tracking of Customer Orders.

InfoFrontDesk download unlimited free Software

INFOFrontDesk is the Client-Server based solution specifically designed to help hotel enterprises improve the guest experience from the top down. It will help you deliver a consistent brand experience at each of your hotels and provide the framework and tools to manage guest hotline and recognition, orders, inspections and maintenance. INFOFrontDesk provides the framework to manage guest requests and service orders more efficiently and cost effectively. It also helps to protect the hotel asset and increase its value through ongoing preventive maintenance checks on furniture, fixtures and equipment. The traditionally labor-intensive processes of guest response, room inspections, work-order management and preventive maintenance can all be handled more efficiently and consistently today by employing a good quality management solution. We takes it to the next level by tying the whole enterprise together; allowing hotels to share both information and best practices in real time and giving brand and corporate managers better insight into operations, providing a consistent guest experience, better guest service during each stay, and increased quality levels through INFOFrontDesk will keep your guests coming back again and again Additionally, since it is a Managed Service, upfront investments in time and money are minimal for the hotels.

Salient features

  • Hotel status from main screen with easy Check in Check Out
  • Reservation
  • Group Management/ Operations
  • Telephone/EPABX Call Accounting
  • Misc Expenses Accounting
  • Restaurant Billing
  • Conference Reservation
  • Direct / Separated Billing
  • Multiple rate & Rate type support
  • Address Book
  • Guest database with advance search, export & import facility
  • Point-of-Sale Interface
  • Guest Profile and Stay History Information.
  • Automatic Guest Followup / Reminders..
  • Guest Incident Tracking and Costing.
  • Simple Consoles for Managing Day- To-Day Operations.
  • Full network support
  • Comprehensive User Management
  • Easy to Configure Software

Basic Features

  • True 32-bit Windows application designed to run on 98 SE/ME/NT/2000/XP application with network compatibility
  • Full network support, can connect unlimited number of PC’s to one database for concurrent operations
  • Customer Support via phone, fax, e-mail and website
  • Completely Configurable as per property


  • Form-2 Report
  • Telephone Call Details
  • Separate Bill provision
  • Occupancy Chart
  • Rooms Report
  • Password protected reports
  • Summary reports for the exact picture of the property at a particular time
  • Receipt or Folio printing
  • Flexible automatic invoice printing if desired
  • View / E-mail the reports
  • Any many more reports ………………….

• INFOFrontDesk is also a managed service that can be implemented without investing in expensive servers, network infrastructure and IT staff.
• Know your guests better with real-time, enterprise-wide guest recognition and profiling
• Enforce corporate guest response and maintenance brand standards
• Implement campus environments for sharing labor resources between various hotels
• Improve response times and service with automated scheduling and dispatching.


Payroll Management System

INFOMAGIC`s Payroll is powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a simple job that any company can accomplish in-house. Our payroll software gives you all the information and options you need to process your own payroll in-house and save money. Accommodates any combination of Incomes, deductions, taxes, benefits, and vacation, as well as hundreds of reports, include many user-defined reports. Also accommodates multiple companies, each with unique setup information.

Among the outstanding benefits of INFOMAGIC`s Payroll is its ease-of-use and ease of implementation. Our users tell us that they have been able to implement our system in a fraction of the time and cost of previous payroll products they have used or evaluated. Ease of implementation is due to the extensive features and reports, as well as having our team of INFOMAGIC`s Payroll experts there to train, implement, convert, and support you during and after your initial installation.

This versatile, user friendly, package, offers user defined Earning / Deduction / Loan Heads & Calculation Formulae / Tables. The package generates all the outputs & statutory reports required by a payroll application. Every report gives the user a choice of sort order, selection of Branch, Department, Grade etc. and other parameters to generate output as per requirement. Outputs can be on Screen, Printer or HTML / CSV / Text File. The package also has a built-in facility to directly E Mail the Salary Slip etc. to the Employees, Salary Statement etc. to Branches & Salary Disbursement Output to Bank as per the format required by the Bank.


Project Management System

Project Management System ( PMS ), take care of all of the activities related to the Project Execution and the sharing of information among various department, like Design, Marketing, Execution, Commercial And Accounts & Finance. Following are the some of the tasks performed by PMS :
* Project Wise management of equipments and Sub-equipments and its progress at various departments.
* Department and User level Control on the viewing of data and entry.
* Scheduling of project Based on Equipment and Sub Groups.
* Time Management of Deliveries at department level.
* Cost Control Utilities.
* 3 level hierarchy of equipments.
* Self defined Format of reports.
* Multi-User Environment.


Time recording system ( TRS )

Time recording system ( TRS ), manages the time related activities involved with various projects. It manages and control the project cost by calculating the cost involve with various task/activities involve in projects. Following are the some of the tasks performed by TRS :
* Project-wise, person-wise and skill-wise time management system.
* Time calculation for the project(s) on the basis of job / skill / person.
* Evaluation of Cost benefit factors.
* Overhead and other expenses recording.

Drawing Management System ( DMS ), is the drawing and document management system for the drawings involve in various projects. It take care of the drawing at the 3 level and the project its associated with. Following are the some of the tasks performed by DMS :
* Maintenance of the drawing at 3 level.
* Project/equipment/sub-equipment level of drawing management.
* Automatic drawing numbering system based on the criteria of the drawing.
* Detail description and other various information about the drawing.
* Maintenance of revision on the drawing
* Recording of the location of the physical / electronic version of the drawing and other documents
* Project wise / shelf wise management of drawing.

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